10 March 2020

Newness is celebrating the 10th anniversary

Newnes final 24872Newness was founded on 8 March 2010, by its founder Nur America. This means we are celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Newness provides consultancy services to stimulate the growth and the competitiveness of enterprises by helping them with new ways of innovation, for example by innovating together with selected partners.

Newness has achieved a diverse customer base in the High-tech ecosystem, varying from OEMs, solution-based businesses, technology suppliers to knowledge institutes, government organizations, various collaboration platforms and campuses. We were able to support them to address their specific challenges with well-structured projects, where we leveraged on our expertise and network. We are grateful to our customers for the trust they have shown us and our unique collaboration. We are proud with the projects we realized. Some of these projects were possible through cooperation with amazing partners and specialists. Therefore, our special thanks go to those who contributed to our success and stood by us during these years.

What differentiates us is our passion for cross-industry innovations between high-tech and other industries. In particular, we look back with satisfaction to the collaborations we were able to create between companies in the High-tech and the Agri-food industry. Furthermore, we shared our experience and leveraged our network to help startups to bring their solutions successfully to the market.

Our plan for the next years is to support our customers with their journey in digital transformation, which is essential to remain competitive with their innovations, value propositions, business models and position in their markets. We will give special attention to business cases for adopting of new technologies, digital leadership, organizational impacts, skill sets and roles to realize successful digital transformations.

We look forward to celebrate this anniversary with our customers and partners.

Please check out what our customers say on our website: https://www.newness.nl/references

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