Your strategy for innovating together will stimulate your businesses and take them to the next level. It will enable you to align the business to the needs of your target market segments, both current and emerging.

We help you with determining your position in the market and answering these questions:

  • How are your competitors positioning themselves?
  • What specific attributes does you offer have that your competitors' do not?
  • What customer needs do your services fulfill?
  • Is there anything unique about the place of origin?
  • What is the evidence that your products or services are better?

The next step will be to position your company with respect to your potential partners. We help you to Define strategic objectives for the cooperation

  • Establish the criteria to select your partners and partner profile
  • Make a short list of right partners to realize your ideas
  • Identify the needs and requirements to become a preferred partner or supplier to other companies
  • Define workable interfaces and business models

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