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EDI GmbH and Newness enter into a collaboration to offer combined value propositions to accelerate digital transformation by streamlining strategy and practical implementation

22 July 2021 – German AI-based applications company EDI GmbH has entered into a collaboration with Dutch consultancy company Newness to offer combined value propositions to accelerate digital transformation by streamlining strategy, digitisation of processes and practical deployment of technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and data analytics.

The digital transformation enables companies to transform the way they do business, position themselves to take advantage of emerging opportunities and drive a digital transformation strategy that will carry them into the future. Data-driven and customer centric approach, digitised processes, new business models, and supply chain disruptions increase their competitiveness. EDI GmbH and Newness join forces to help customers achieve these goals and deliver on the objective of extending their positions in The Netherlands and Germany.

Commenting on the agreement, Thomas Freudenmann, Managing Director and Co-Founder of EDI GmbH said: “We are honoured to build strategic alliance with Newness looking in the same direction to accelerate digital transformation. Together with Newness, we could deliver the value on our expertise of Technology and Business Development & Strategy Consulting through our agile development process EDI SCRUM 2.0. Through design thinking process, we can find enter point by discovering exact bottleneck from objective external experts’ perspective and offer right customised software solution to every business as a ready to use product. As a result, we ensure high potential of fast Return on Invest (ROI) by solving bottleneck of business and generating of new assets.”

Nur America, Managing Director and Founder of Newness added: “We are excited to enter into collaboration with an innovative partner like EDI. Our Digital Transformation workshop helps companies to use digital technologies to transform the way they do business and focus on how to enhance customer experience, streamline their operations and transform their business models. Teaming with EDI is an exciting development to augment the added value to the customers for the step of redesigning and digitizing processes, adopting new technology tools, and introducing digital business models through EDI’s expertise in modeling processes, data screening and developing and training AI-based decision models.”

About EDI GmbH

EDI (Engineering Data Intelligence) GmbH provides services in business development and delivery of AI-based applications through their automated build process and pipeline (EDI SCRUM 2.0). EDI offers Technology and Business Development & Strategy Consulting, which are accompanied by services like AI-based data mining to generate new insights, semantic data management of customer data, building and operating of digital business models. Furthermore, EDI offers the EDI hive IoT Framework with standard AI-based applications to accelerate developing highly customized and workflow-based AI applications in various industries and environment.

About Newness

Newness provides consultancy services to stimulate the growth and the competitiveness of enterprises by helping them at strategic level to realize innovations across industries in collaboration with ecosystem partners to generate new business. Furthermore, Newness adds value to companies by supporting them in their digital transformation from building digital capabilities and using new technologies for transformation to leading the change. Newness offers workshops for Digital Transformation and Business Model Innovation.

Contact information:
EDI GmbH, Karlsruhe-Pfinztal, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Freudenmann
E: freudenmann@edi.gmbh

Newness, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Nur America, M.Sc.
E: nur.america@newness.nl

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