Digital Transformation Workshop

digital transformation training

Objectives of the program

Exponential technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR), data science, networks and computing systems disrupt the status quo for industrial companies. Industrial Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 are only possible by digital transformation. A data-driven and customer centric approach, new business models, and supply chain disruptions increase competitiveness and enable seizing new market opportunities.

The Digital Transformation workshop helps companies to use digital technologies to transform the way they do business, position themselves to take advantage of emerging opportunities and drive digital transformation strategy that will carry them into the future.

Target audience

Target audience is business leaders and managers at SMEs in the industry.

Learning objectives

The workshop gives leaders the inspiration they need to develop clarity around their vision for their digital transformation. Business leaders will develop an understanding of emerging digital technologies and possibilities deploying and using the technologies, and the changes to people, processes, systems, and information that must be taken into account.

  • Understand the drivers of the process of transformation and work on their key challenges across the four transformation drivers: Leadership, strategy, sound governance, organizational culture
  • Build digital capabilities, digitize core business, adopt digital data-driven offerings and business models and assure digital customer experience that their business needs
  • Build leadership qualities to develop a vision, engage the organization and the employees, and lead the transformation
  • Navigate the expectations of a changing workforce and other internal challenges
  • Prepare to deal with uncertainty and learn from possible failures
  • Plan to manage organizational change

Approach of the program

Interactive: to make the training effective and interesting, the involvement of the participants will be stimulated by interactive sessions, discussions and question rounds.

Practice oriented: practical examples will be given. The exercises during the sessions will enable the participants to put their knowledge into practice.

Format of the program

The program consists of one day of training.


Trainers are experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who have experience in supporting digital transformation.