21 March 2014


Newness participates to the Working Group High-Tech Business in Germany

iStock 000014977191SmallThe strong high-tech ecosystem in the Netherlands has a track record in developing high mix, high complexity and low volume applications. The unique form of cooperation between high-tech suppliers makes developing, maintaining and sharing information easier, and increases the optimal operation of the high-tech value chain. Large expertise is accessible concentrated on a small area. The high-tech suppliers excel in complex technologies such as mechatronics, physics, embedded systems, combined with industrial design, in particular in ultra-precision applications in various market segments. This has provided significant added value to OEMs in the Netherlands. The high-tech suppliers can leverage on this track record to realize their potential beyond the borders, by further orientation on international business opportunities. This way they will create value for their international clients.

High Tech NL and Brainport Industries took an initiative and joined forces to address these international opportunities. With this goal the Working Group High-Tech Business is formed with focus on Germany. Newness participates to this Working Group and contributes to a strategic approach.

The market segments in which the high-tech supplier might have the most opportunities are identified and the selection criteria for potential customers are defined. In this phase it is important to gain insights into the German market and increase the visibility of the high-tech ecosystem by participation to the trade fairs and conferences such as Hannover Messe and High Tech Systems in Eindhoven. Furthermore, the strengths of high-tech ecosystem are identified as differentiators to make potential customers aware of these strengths.



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